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The concept to mount accessories without drilling


The fixMI® concept

What is fixMI®?

fixMI® is an innovative system without need for drilling. It includes the fixMI® tile trim and compatible lines of click-on accessories.

fixMI®will enable you to change and move your batroom or kitchen accessories with a strong fixation

How does the fixMI® system work?

The decorative fixMI® listello is very small (6mm) an is fitted between two lines of tiles and gives a modern and aesthetic look to your tiled wall. It needs to be fitted during tiling. The fixMI® tile trim is positioned DURING tiling at a height of about 1.10 M (3’ 7-1/3’’) in the bathroom or 40 cm (1' - 3 7/10) above your worktop .fixMI® is used to support all your accessories and change them at any time you need.

  • Step 1: According to the thicknesse of your tiles, select the matching fixMI® trim ( 8 mm - 5/16'', 10 mm -3/8'', and 12.5 mm -1/2'').
  • Step 2: Choose the length of the fixMI® trim and decorative listello you need: length and height of your wall

Watch our video https://youtu.be/hEd2E7R8De8

What is the difference between fixMI® and other alternatives systems?

fixMI® is the decorative system to fix accessories without drilling. Compared to other systems such as suction cups, adhesives etc., the fixMI® system is sure, easy to clean and allows you to create and recreate a space as you like

When to install fixMI®?

The fixMI® tile trim is positioned DURING tiling. Watch our video.

Who can install the fixMI® system?

fixMI® is for everyone, private and professionals, renovation and construction.

Installing the fixMI® tiling trim

What is the installation kit including?

The fixMI® tiling trim and accessories are sold separatly.

The fixMI® system is composed of:

  • The fixMI® tile trim length 2.5 m (8' - 2 4/10'' ) or 1 m (3' 3-2/5'')
  • 10 installation supports for the 2,50m (8' - 2 4/10'' ) fixMI® trim or 5 installation supports for the 1m (3' 3-2/5'') fixMI® trim
  • An installation guideline
  • A test hook

Installation supports will ensure the right distance between the tiles and the fixMI® trim.

Clic-on accessories

  • An installation guideline
  • Allen key

Where can the fixMI® system be used?

The fixMI® system adapts to all tiled wall standard kitchen and bathroom configurations.

The fixMI® tile trim is positioned at a height of about 1.10m (3' 7-1/3'') in bathrooms or 40 cm (1' - 3 7/10) over kitchen worktops.

What trim height do you need for your tiles?

The choice of your fixMI® tile trim is depending on the thicknesses of your tiles

HEIGTS OF THE fixMI® trim available:

THICKNESSES OF TILE 8 mm 10 mm 12.5 mm
Up to 7,5mm (0' - 0 3/10'')
Up to 9,5mm (0' - 0 4/10'')
Up to 12mm ( 0' - 0 5/10'')

Watch our installation video:

How does my accessories hold?

The fixation system is tested by the external laboratory SGS

The fixation solidity was exposed to a much higher load than theaverage constraints.

Watch our video:

What are the basic tools for installing the trim?

The installation of the fixMI® trim does not require any specific tools. The tools usually required for tiling are: level, rope, pencil, measuring tape, cotton cloth or sponge, rubber mallet or tiler’s bat trowel, grouting sponge, grout float.


I want to install the system at home, what do I need?

You must have:

  • The fixMI® trim: 2 lengths (2.5 m (8' - 2 4/10'' )or 1 m (3' 3-2/5'')) according to your project
  • Click-on fixMI® accessories
    Discover our available accessories
  • The additional decorative listello

Ask for the retailer list: commercial@matinter.com

Can I buy online?

It is not possible to order on fixMI.fr.

Ask for the list of retailers.


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